Z-wave Temperature & Humidity Sensor Smart Home EU Version 868.42mhz Z wave Smart detector

Has anyone used these. I brought a couple when they where cheap and now trying to get them to work with SmartThings. Anyone know how or has anyone made a handler for them.

Brand and model? Or at least a link to the product page instead of a picture?

It’s very common for multiple Made in China devices to use the same plastic case even though the features and company is vary. So there’s no way to tell just from a picture.

Oh ok. Here is the link from AliExpress


It’s low 5th one down

Just found the product website as well


have you tryed some of the stock z-wave handlers?

No I haven’t. Do you have a link for them?

Go into ide, find device, edit it, change the type to one of the z-wave one’s