Z-wave switch not responding


(Jamie) #1

Well, I had not had any “network” weirdness in my setup until now, but need some help troubleshooting. I installed a Aeotec nano switch yesterday for a single LED light. Everything seemed to work correctly during install: I was able to control the light using the physical switch and turn it on/off from ST app. I did it several times, both ways, yesterday. Today the switch is unresponsive from the app. I can not turn it on or off. Nor does it recognize the light state correctly. I can still turn the light off and on from the physical switch. My first question is, where do you start to try to troubleshoot something like this? As you can imagine, pulling switch covers and light switches on and off is a bit tedious and time consuming. But is the first step to remove the device from the network and add it back in?


(Michael Sammon) #2

before you do that. pull up settings for the switch. gear icon after selecting the switch. same place to rename. attempt to repair

(Jamie) #3

When I go into the settings for the switch I get a “Replace” and “Remove” option. Is the replace option what you mean? When I click on that it goes to “Checking device health” and comes back “Device not considered failed.” Which is a bit funny.


(Michael Sammon) #4

how far away is your hub? do you have other repeaters helping the signal? try removing and re-adding to make connection more secure

(Jamie) #5

Yea, I proceded to remove it and re-add it to the network. The hub is about 15 feet away, clear line of sight. The switch has two modes for adding, normal and secure. When I add it in secure mode, I can not control the light from ST at all. This is even though I have another Nano switch in a 3-way circuit that was added in secure mode and works fine.

When I add it in normal mode, I can toggle the light from within ST, but ST does not show the correct lighting state. It shows “On” all of the time. Even after turning it off in the app, I refresh and the light shows “On” (it is still off physically). Related to, or on top of, the app does not show the state when the light is switched on from the physical switch.

I tried removing it from the network again, factory resetting the switch, and adding it back. No difference.

Any ideas?


(Jamie) #6

Well, things seem to have gone sideways in a hurry. Two of my Z-wave locks that have been 100% reliable since starting with SmartThings are showing offline now. One lock is about 12 ft from the hub and open air between them. The other one is about 10 ft away but has a wall between it and the hub. I don’t think its a coincidence…I did add and remove the nano switch 4-5 times, so I wonder if something got screwed up in the process.

Is ST support much of a help? I can’t say I’ve ever been impressed with a tech companies support function, usually because I know as much as the person on the other end about what’s happening. Probably not the case here, but getting alittle frustrated at this point.


(Jamie) #7

Well, not a good day in home automation land. I have a pretty small system and up until today, pretty stable. That other nano switch I referenced above is now unresponsive to commands from ST. The one that I had started the thread about shows “Unavailable” in ST, however, I can actually control it still through the app.

Part of me wonders if this is just Aeotec brand devices, how much is the nanos not being officially supported in ST, and how much is just Z-wave flakeyness.

Atleast the locks are back working it seems. Man, I had high hopes when I started out on this :slight_smile:


(Jeremy Stroebel) #8

I am having similar issues with the Nano Switch… This is my second one that has done this after awhile… Also saw it wreck a perfectly good dual controller network…