Aeotec dual nano switch not working

Hi community

I have used my Aeotec dual nano switch (ZW132) within a Smartthing system (hub v2). It controlled 2 different lights perfectly. Suddenly 1 light disappeared from the ST app in IOS, so I decided to remove the switch from the system, reset and reinstall it
I am having 2 issues

  1. It has been impossible to ST to reinstall the switch correctly (it is not found)
  2. But still new switch is being installed in the IOS app (not working) and it has been impossible to remove them from the IOS app (please see the attached pics). It shows a message that the device has been removed, buy it still shown in the app. Nevertheless, when I log into the ST webpage (from my computer), it does not appears within my devices.

I would really appreciate any help.