Aeotec Nano Switch wiring

I’ve been struggling to wire a aeotec nano switch to a light switch for a while now. I’ve looked at this post Aeotec Nano Switch Wiring? and got it working partially. Here is how i’m wiring it:

nano switch
neutral to N
Live to L & IN
Load to Out

s1 from nano to switch
live to switch

I do auto detection mode, and the light goes on/off, i wait 10 seconds and the external switch works fine. The problem comes in when i try to use smartthings to turn it on/off. When i turn it on/off with smartthings i have to flip the physical switch twice to turn on/off the light.

Any ideas to what i’m doing wrong?

Check out the user guide and the external switch type setup section.
It sounds like it’s working correctly. In order to turn the lights on the toggle has to go on. And to turn off the toggle has to go down.

Standard Toggle Switch (2-way / 3-way / 4-way)

  • Toggle UP (high voltage) - toggles On.
  • Toggle DOWN (low voltage) - toggles Off.

Are you using decora switches? If so, they can be modified to be momentary switches. That way you can use them to toggle the light, rather than turning it to on or off.

Interesting… Didnt even think about that. Not a big fan of that.


Not a big fan of what? Changing to a momentary switch? It makes sense when you think about it.

You could potentially change the reaction of the 2-state switch using the latest firmware update V2.01 of Nano Switch.

I am unsure if you have ZW116 or ZW139 so I will post both links below, unfortunately you’ll need a Z-Wave USB Adapter to process the firmware update of the device:

(ZW139 without energy reading)

(ZW116 with energy reading)

The reaction your looking for seems to be the top change log of the firmware version (where you can choose one or the other).

Thanks, firmware update did it.