Z wave switch issue and Pairing new device?

Has anyone else facing a similar issue like what I am running into , z wave switch goes offline randomly and I am not able to pair any new devices as well ?

any suggestions?

Have you tried a Z-Wave Repair? In App, Hamburger Menu “More” then “Hub is Online” then scroll down to “Z-Wave Utilities” then “Repair Z-Wave Network”.

Give that a go.

Thanks @rontalley, I tried Z wave repair and general exclusion and no luck . Thanks for the suggestion.

Reboot the hub, using the IDE Hub Utilities

had similar issues on 16.x code… tried repair, did not help. i did find i had a mix of z-wave fingerprints (old and new) which may be the cause of the issue. ended up deleting all my z-wave devices (~20) and re-adding them one at a time. Stable for over a week… no drops