Z-Wave siren showing as a switch

I am switching over from Wink to Smartthings and cant get my z wave wink siren to operate correctly. The siren appears to be paired but its showing up as a switch. Is there any way to change this to a siren so i caane get this device to function correctly? Or do i have to purchase a new siren thats supported by ST? If i have to purchase a new siren, are there any that you all would reccoment? I mainly use it as a chime thats activated via doors and garage doors. Idealy, if i have to purchase a new siren, are there any that plug in; so i dont have to worry about batteries?

Most sirens show up as switches in most Z wave systems. They work fine for basic operations, you just turn them on or off. If you need more than that, it will depend on the specifics of that particular device.

What’s the brand and model number of the siren that you have?

No need to purchase something new, but take a look here:

You may just need to add your own custom DTH. Several other Wink user have done this if I recall correctly.

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Its a wink lookout siren WINK-SIR1…
When this device was hooked up to the Wink hub, I had full control/set-up. On the ST hub, its either on or off, no battery status, no volume control etc…

Like I said originally, I used it mostly as a chime to know whos coming and going. Now, it just an annoying siren; good for an alarm, not so good as a chime…

My technical ability is not this advanced, yet… I’ve only been using ST for a few days now…

No worries. There’s a how-to on how to use custom code like the one needed to get all the functionality from devices like these. I use to have both the Dome and Zooz siren, which is similar (I think).


While this was originally written before the new app was released, the process to get custom smartapps and device handlers is still the same by using the IDE.

Take a look at that and search the community for a ton of other topics related to how to use the IDE and custom code. There is a wealth of information in this community that will help you get up to speed and answer many questions, like this one:


Just started on this thread with the same objective as above (i.e. adding Wink alarm to ST). I have followed the procedure to use the Dome alarm handler. The 2 devices look identical and appear to have the same documented functionality. However, using the Dome option results in no connection. In going through the .groovy code there are two lines with fingerprint info. I assume that if there is no match, then ST will not use the handler for the device trying to connect. My question… is there a way to determine what Wink device is sending as its fingerprint? Alternatively, is there a way to have the device handler accept whatever is sent?