Utilitech IndoorWireless Siren - IRIS

So i can pair up the iris wireless siren made by utilitech that i got from lowes with smart thingts but it shows up as a power outlet and really doesnt do anything. on the other hand i can pair it up with my vera lite and it shows up as a siren and works properly… some one maybe can help either getting my vera lite and ST hub to integrate with one another or the siren to work on ST.


If you go in a manually set the device type to siren, it will work (sorta - you can’t turn the light on separately). I returned mine and bought the FortrezZ on amazon.


It sounds like the Hub just misrecognized the siren when it was paired. There doesn’t seem to be a general Z-wave siren device type but there is SmartAlert Siren that uses z-wave. I don’t have this device to verify that it works but give this a try:

Log into ide.smartthings.com (it should be your normal email and password)
Go to "My Devices"
Click on the siren (probably listed under the name you gave it when it was paired)
Scroll all the way down to bottom and click “edit”
Find the “Type” drop down box
Scroll to and select ‘SmartAlert Siren”
Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Update”

If that doesn’t work, I would contact Smart Things support. They seem to be very responsive at adding device types.

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How did you pair the Utilitech Siren? My android app just gets stuck in search and never finds the siren. when I try to install manually through Add Device I am unable to enter a Network ID. How did you do it?

Step 1 - Pair your siren with your Smart Things application.

Head to the Smart Things application and select “Things” .
Open the back of the Utilitech Siren and press the cylindrical grey button in the center. This will queue the device to pair.

Back in the application, there should now be a new “unknown device” in green. Hit the back button to return to the “Things” view.

You should now see your new device there, but it will be labeled as a switch. This will cause problems when trying to sound the alarm from the actions of other Smart Things. Luckily, we can change how our Smart Things Hub views our devices. If you see you Siren as a switch, then :

Step 2 - Edit your Siren online.

On the internet browser of your choice, head to ide.smartthings.com. Then sign in with your existing username and password.
Select “Devices”. This will show a list of all Smart Things associated with your account. Select your Siren. It will still have its default name unless you changed it previously.
Scroll to the bottom and select “edit”.
Select the “type” dropdown box and select SmartAlert Siren.
Select “Update”.

This makes your hub believe that the Iris alarm is now the SmartAlert Siren. It will now show up in your smart apps that are compatible with the SmartAlert Siren. :wink:

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Ok. So here is the thing. Utilitech Wireless Indoor Siren is ment to work with IRIS only!
And in your case, your ST hub miss identified it as an outlet. I will tell you how to fix it!

I purchased this device last year and it paired correctly. So I thought. I recognized it and it named it correctly.
And I thought that it was working until yesterday as it should.

I installed the new version of Smart Alarm and attempted to trigger it. Nothing happened. I got the SMS notification, but the siren did not sound.

Here is the Solution:

  1. Go in to https://www.smartthings.com/developers/
  2. Click on the web-based IDE
  3. Go to My Devices
  4. Click on the device (However you named the Siren)
    - In my case I named it Z-Wave Siren
  5. Change the “Type” as seen in my screen shoot.