Z-Wave Secure Encapsulation and 18.x Firmware

Hey, I wanted to clear something up for Z-Wave DTH developers.

In the 17.x hub firmware, I attempted to add automatic secure encapsulation of Z-Wave commands, so a DTH could just send commands and the hub would take care of encapsulating them if the device was secure-included.

Unfortunately, although the Z-Wave spec now requires that devices accept all command classes with encapsulation, there are some older devices that reject certain commands when they are encapsulated. This caused the issues with associating the first generation of Schlage door lock.

In 18.x I disabled the automatic encapsulation until we can add a way for a DTH to specify whether a command is allowed to be encapsulated or not.

I’ve seen some cases of DTHs developed during 17.x that are now failing under 18.x because their commands aren’t being encapsulated by the DTH code, so if you see problems with secure devices after the update, that’s what you should look for. I’m sorry for not communicating this earlier.