Z-wave repair

Does pushing the “repair z-wave network” button under Z-wave utilities actually go out and optimize my z-wave mesh and if so, where would I see the results of the optimization?

No, sorry. That button got added a bit prematurely. It won’t do anything on the currently released hub firmware. It will start working when the new firmware is released in a couple weeks – we’ll add some documentation about Z-Wave networks at that time.

So basically, I don’t have any way to optimize the mesh when I add a device in one place, like near the hub (like a lock) and then install it at a remote location (as in the install point) because the mesh won’t poll the mesh an provide the optimal routing info to the controller?

@solardave1 correct. The next firmware release is currently in testing which includes the network repair.

@urman or @duncan - did this ever get added? You also mentioned documentation. My z-wave network spans two buildings now (detached garage with apartment over it) and I had to move the hub to get some of the remote switches to pair…

@stevesell yup its added. You can start it from graph.ide.smartthings.com on your hubs page under Z-Wave Utilities or in the iOS add on the hubs menu.

@urman - is there a way to track progress? I’ve heard it can take a while, but other than the message saying it started, I couldn’t tell if it was doing anything.

I think there is a message saying it finished as well. It’s dependent on amount of devices, but it typically shouldn’t take longer than 1-2 minutes.