Z-Wave Repair Status?

They don’t have anything to do with the z-wave repair. Live logging is showing a lot more activity than just z-wave, and SONOS is one that logs status events regularly. See my post above about how to open a hub event log window.

Does the Z-Wave Repair info not show up in the hub event log any more? I’ve ran it a couple times and when I click it in the IDE, I just get this JSON response

{"message":"Z-Wave network repair initiated - Click to view progress"}

I watch the hub log and nothing appears

Run live logging… you should see it there… If you have Hue connect/bridge, Sonos connect… you will see under those too… Go figure whythe last two options…

I’m not seeing anything there either. I remember previously seeing events in the hub log, but nothing now in either the live log or the hubs event log.

  1. Go to IDE via any browser on your computer/laptop.
  2. Go to My Hub Utilities…Don’t click on repair as of now.
  3. Open Live Logging in another tab or window…
  4. Now run zwave repair… This page will blank out and say "“Z-Wave network repair initiated - Click to view progress” - This is a new behavior that I am seeing.
  5. Go to the Live Logging tab. It should be there,

For some reason, I had to do a disconnect hub, then reboot hub. Now I’m seeing the repair in the log. My messed up devices seem to be working again. Thanks for the help

Once you get a UART error you can’t add a device nor repair until you reboot your hub. The hub will automatically reboot if you get this error during a repair but not otherwise.

I reported this to support a while ago but they didn’t seem concerned since there is a workaround.

Hi JD – I am having this exact issue at 5 minutes and 5 seconds. Did you ever figure out the root cause?