Is Z-wave Repair working?

Was trying to run the repair on my z-wave mesh, but it doesn’t look like zwNwkRepair is doing anything. I’ve read that the utility was broken, is that still the case? Are there any workarounds?

Update: so I see in logs that “z-wave network repair finished” I assume that it works?!

Yes. It’s kinda quiet while it’s doing its magic.

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If you have Sonos connect or Hue connect. Once you initiate the zwave repair, it will show under those as well in Live logging in the IDE. Go figure… Those are not zwave by any means. :slight_smile: so, when I initiate zwave repair… I open another tab with live logging and then check under those…

Did you see any other entries like “device failed to update mesh…” or "failed to update routing table…?

In that link above, devices that continually fail to assign new route have proven to me to be dead and need to be added back. With the old hub and app, that was painful, but now there’s a Replace Device option (under Edit Device). It works because I’ve already had to use it. Compared to the “old way”, it was extremely simple and fast.

Replace was introduced in the v1 app itself and not a new feature in v2 app. Never tried it though. So, no clue! Somehow zwaves in my house has been rock solid.

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It failed a device once last night but ran the repair several more times and got no errors…

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For iOS, yes, but us Android users didn’t see the love until recently…

Cool. It’s the Could not assign new route error that I dread, or at least use to.

How does one do a Z-wave “repair” with a v2 hub? This feature seems to be missing.

It’s a system utility under your hub settings.

You can access it from the smartthings mobile app on iOS or android, or through the IDE under "developer tools "at the link at the top of the community page on this website.

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Wish the zwave repair utility gave a little more info than start and finished, a little status or progress would be nice, even 30 of 42 devices completed. Since v2 migration I have attempted to run several times with never a completed status returned, ran for hours with about 30 devices, nothung, rebooted hub same result. Is it even working? Another raw untested item just thrown on the table by ST. Also, you are saying they took replace away from v2, used it twice with v1, flawless?