Z-Wave Prime: up to 25% off Aeotec devices

Prime Day comes early.

Starting today, you can get up to 25% off a select range of Aeotec devices on Amazon.com.

Newsletter exclusives.

25% off 2 x Range Extender 6 . But be quick, this offer is limited to the first 50 buyers only.
Use the promotion code RANGTENDER6 at checkout.

15% off Multisensor 6 with Battery using the promotion code MULTISENSOR6 at checkout.

15% off Z-Stick Gen5 , the best tool to build your our smart home gateway with, using the promotion code ZSTICKGEN5 at checkout.

Also available this Prime Day.

NanoMote Quad , our 4-button remote control, $9 off. Normally $44.99

WallMote Quad , our 4 button wireless wall switch, $10 off. Normally $59.99

Nano Dimmer , used to convert any dimmer to a Z-Wave dimmer, $10 off. Normally $59.99

Water Sensor 6 , Z-Wave’s most high-tech leak detector, $10 off. Normally $59.99


BTW, i’ve said it many times before, but in my professional opinion as a former field tech no one ever needs a zwave range extender once you get to Z wave generation 4. (Generation 5 is Z wave plus, the current generation.)

Any mains powered device which functions as a repeater, including the nano micros, any brand of light switches, pocket sockets, plug in sensors, etc. will give you just as much improvement in terms of the network as the single purpose extenders. So there’s just no reason to buy the extenders anymore. They were helpful for the third generation when not all devices broadcast near maximum power, but now they are not needed. :sunglasses:


Does my V2 Hub support gen 5?

Yes. :sunglasses:


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