Zwave GE In-Wall Smart Motion Switch (model 26931)

Looking at the zwave alliance pages I noticed this gem…

GE In-Wall Smart Motion Switch
Transform any home into a smart home with the GE In-Wall Smart Motion Switch. This Z-Wave device replaces you current light switch using your existing wiring and provides Z-Wave wireless control of overhead lighting. The switch enables wireless control of On/OFF functions of incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen and fluorescent lighting. Not only does it act as a switch but the GE In-Wall Smart Motion Switch has a built in PIR sensor which can control the local and be set in occupancy or vacancy mode.

I have several rooms where I want a motion sensor to turn on my light but I would also want to have remote control. Adding a motion sensor and a zwave switch was the easiest solution but this device would be a superb and much better solution. Also, this should eliminate any cloud related delays (if the automation is not operating locally) and eliminates the need to have an additional sensor in the room. Perfect places for me to use this new device are powder room, under stairs closet, utility room, garage, pantry, etc…

I wonder when it will become available… I can’t find it on Amazon. Anyone?


Some info in this thread,

not available until March/April 2017…