Looking for in wall motion sensor

I’m looking for a SmartThings compatible motion sensor that I can mount in a wall switch box. I have found a thread about this GE motion sensor and switch product that might work. (I can easily ignore the switch by not connecting anything), but am wondering if the motion sensor part in that works well by itself as a sensor or if there is a better option.

Background: I got my SmartThings hub a week ago. I have installed Lutron dimmers on my lights and Sensative strips on the doors and windows. I have the intrusion alarm working to send me text messages and I have the lights behaving randomly in the evening. It took a bit of experimentation, but it’s working now. From this forum I see there is a bit of controversy about the new or classic app. I’m using the new. Not because of any overt decision, it’s just where I started, before I knew anything.

I’ve tried a couple of motion sensors and have them working too, but don’t like how they are placed in the house. If I could put one in the wall in a switch box next to the other switches, it would be a lot more discrete. I also wouldn’t mind wiring it in so there would be 1 less battery to change.
Any ideas?

I have this in my bathroom and it works great. Light goes on automatically when someone walks in and will not go off if the door is shut. Late at night, the lights will dim automatically to a lower percentage.

I thought the GE integrated motion sensor did not report the sensor to smartthings, however. Just controlled its own switch. Has that changed?

Homeseer has a plug in zwave motion sensor which Works well with smartthings. You can set the indicator light to any of eight colors, so you can also use it as a notification, but you can leave it just white if you want. It also has a temperature and light sensor.

SmartenIT Has a Mains power zigbee motion sensor and it’s designed for stores and hotels. It used to work with smartthings a couple of years ago, but I don’t know whether it works with the new app or not. It just was never as popular for residential use as the plug-in one above.

Amazon has a motion sensor add on for their echo flex device, but I don’t think i’d call it “discreet.“ that’s using a couple of different protocols but requires Wi-Fi and I believe requires the cloud, so personally I would go with one of the other two. But it does exist and it is a little less expensive than the others. (It doesn’t work on its own, it Has to plug into the echo flex.)

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Thanks for your suggestions. The HomeSeer plug in looks the best. Colored LED is a bit weird. I’ll probably try one.

I’d really like to get the sensor into the wall. I think wall switch height (48") is a better place for a motion sensor than normal receptacle height (12"). Less blockage and more body mass at that height. Also in a bank of other switches, no one is going to think twice about it.

Here’s the thread that suggests the motion sensor on the GE switch can be used separately, but I haven’t been able to really decipher it yet. So I’m not sure. Also appears to require the classic app and downloading a bunch of stuff. Since I just got everything else working with the new app, I’m loathe to change. But maybe I should. I don’t know enough about this yet to decide.

What is the one in the picture on the bottom?

I guess I don’t know how to spell discreet.

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That’s the “Echo Flex with Smart Motion Sensor: Amazon Devices”. The link JD provided is clickable.

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The picture on the bottom is just another picture of the Amazon echo flex with the motion sensor module attached. :sunglasses:

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The LED on the Homeseer sensor is nice for notifications, like having it turned yellow at 10 PM if the garage door is open or having it turn blue when a different sensor detects that the mail has arrived.

But as I said, you can just leave it white if you want. :sunglasses::bulb:


@JDRoberts - thanks! I don’t need a motion sensor, but I’ve been looking for a simple device with a simple multi-color indicator for a few different use cases where I don’t want to use a colored bulb or have to look at my actionTiles dashboard. It looks like the HomeSeer might be just the ticket! (A little pricy, isn’t it? Even so, it’s unique).

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It is, but it includes a temperature sensor, motion sensor, and lux sensor. The lux sensor isn’t very precise, but it’s good enough to tell night from day. And so far there really isn’t much of anything else in the category. And the indicator is very easy to see from across the room.

It’s been quite popular in the community for several years. :sunglasses:

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@JDRoberts I am actually am looking for a decent motion sensor and the Homeseer sensor seemingly fits the bill. I am pretty intimated however in trying to get this programmed. This post especially HomeSeer HSM200 Support

I would use this in my unheated garage and would plug into an outlet which is up located up high near the ceiling. If someone were to bust in the garage via the sidedoor or pop the garage door itself, I am looking for it to detect motion and alert me via smart home monitor and ideally the globe light in the device itself would start flashing a color.

Could it be setup in this way to your knowledge? If any other options exist I would also be most appreciative of any advice/help.

If power were on battery it would be great !..I like it in the garage displaying the alarm status, but there is not the right power outlet.