Z-wave plus Motion Detector PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO $30($5 off) or PIRZWAVE2-ECO $30 Amazon

*** Update: comments below suggest the ecolink may be the same as the unbranded Monoprice sensors linked below, which are cheaper at $20-25, and have a community dth. Sorry for the false alarm. ***


The average price per Camel Camel Camel is $35, and this is the lowest price it’s hit. I can’t personally vouch for this model, as i don’t own it. Searching the forum, I can’t seem to find any forum posts that discuss using this newer PIRZWAVE2.5-ECO model with official or community device types.

Does anyone know if it works or have some first-hand experience?

The older non-zwave-plus PIRZWAVE2-ECO model is also selling for $30 (looks like it sometimes drops around $27-28?).

FWIW I have three of those older sensors and never paid more than $27-28.

Aren’t these just rebranded Monoprice ?

The motion and contact sensors from ecolink and monoprice both look to be the same devices.

I actually bought a couple of these over 2 years ago before they became available through Monoprice and even GoControl. I have motion sensors from all three, and the internals are all from the same company. If I remember right, the GoControl circuit board had a sticker over the EcoLink logo, maybe even the Monoprice.

are these the same as these?

We are ass-u-me-ing so.

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then i read Iris sensors are way faster for lights, so I am going after those. LOL


I have Iris and ST motion sensors right now but have had some issues intermittently where they drop off the network and need a “search for devices” while removing and replacing the battery with the reset button held down.

Of all the devices on my network that have given me problems, they seem to be Zigbee. (these motion sensors and ge-link bulbs that I’m slowly replacing- waiting for the next sale).

So I’m ready to try some z-wave motion detectors, I think.

If they are the same, it probably makes sense to get the Monoprice at $25 (and I think they currently have a coupon for $5 off 25?) instead of the original post.

Sorry, I’ll update the post!

I have two of the Ecolink PIR, (bought last August), using for security motion and haven’t had any problems. One of them doubles as a morning weather trigger and it seems to be about 1 second delay at the most…and part of that is the speaker delay.

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I got two Xiaomi body (motion) sensor at $9 each. They work well so far.


I’m in the exact opposite camp. I’ve moved almost all my sensors to zigbee instead of zwave. My zwave switches work great, but the zigbee sensors are faster and more reliable in my opinion.

What made a significant difference for me was to add a zigbee repeater (Iris smart plug) in almost every room. I also let the zigbee mesh rebuild without having any GE bulbs powered on. I powered the bulbs back on only after the rebuild to ensure none of the bulbs could act as zigbee routers. Later if a device stopped responding, which has been rare lately, I’d go to the nearest GE bulb to that device to see if it went belly up (not controllable in the app), and power cycled it. Every single time I did that, the device began responding again.


Yeah, that’s a good idea, thanks! I’ll give it a try but I think I need to get rid of the GE Bulbs, ultimately.