Monoprice 15% off 12/11/16 only - Zwave plus motion $20

Monoprice has a coupon code “ADC” today, which takes 15% off (12/11/16 only!). The Zwave plus Motion/Temp Sensor drops to about $20, same for open/close sensors.

Zwave plus motion/temp

Other Zwave plus items:

What are people’s experience with these as compared to the Iris v2? They look a lot larger but how about battery life, sensor speed, sensitivity, and range?

I don’t have any yet, having picked up a few cheap Iris motion sensors in October. Trying to decide how many more motion sensors I really need… :slight_smile:

I bought several of the Iris when they were on sale and wish I had bought a lot more.

I can’t say anything about the new ZW+, but my old GoControl ZW PIR go well over a year on a battery.( Not just because ST doesn’t report battery level properly LOL )

I ordered and received two of these but can’t get them to pair. I get one flash of yellow instead of the five green ones that the manual says. I tried general exclusion, hold button while putting the battery in, all within 3ft of hub but no luck… did you have better luck?

There’s another thread where people were discussing trying to get the new Zwave plus monoprice motion sensors working:
Monoprice now carries Z-Wave Plus sensors

Looks like this post links to a device type handler for it:

Good luck! Let us know if this works.

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Thank you! That did the trick! I did not see the little hole…