Aeon Labs ZW095-A - Z-Wave Plus - Home Energy Meter Gen 5

Has anyone tested the latest Gen 5 HEM from Aeon Labs? This replaces the DSB28-ZWUS.

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Supposed to be here tomorrow, so I will be installing tomorrow evening hopefully.

Awesome! I hope it goes well. Where did you get it?


Any luck?

Shows up today… but I am traveling till tomorrow night. Will set it up tomorrow night.

Anything to report?

Sorry not yet. My grandma passed on Tuesday so ended up coming to AZ for the week. I will be putting it in on Saturday.

Installed and setup using this device:

Everything works great. Charting to Initial State all working as well

Awesome support community!!!

I just installed the new Aeon Labs ZW095-A HEM Gen 5. I downloaded and installed the device handler from I discovered the device and it picked up the Aeon HEMv2+ for the device handler. Everything looks like it should be working but I don’t get any data populated into the status tiles within the device. I would really appreciate some pointers on where to start my troubleshooting.


Hi Folks,

I cannot make the new AEON HEM Gen 5 version (ZW095) working with my ST.
I am using the same device handler as mentionned in this blog. Does any of you face a similar problem ? I have another hub with V1 and V2 and it does work…what has changed ?


I made it work. Here is my own modded device handler.

The main reason the v1/v2 dev handlers don’t work with the Gen5 model is that it now requires secure encapsulation of most z-wave commands which the ST hub v2 (not sure about v1) can do, but the custom device handlers for the previous generations of the Aeon Labs HEM’s don’t support.

Check it out and let me know what you think!



Thanks Dillon_Miller!

The Gen5 code works great for my device! Can’t wait to see your updates!

On my iPad running Smartthings App v2.1.4, the tile values (**mostly) of this device do not update unless I leave the device page (i.e. return to the Room) and reload the device page. Refresh button appears to do nothing.

The android (Samsung S6) on the other hand work perfect. :slight_smile:

** As I started this thread my iPad page updated with new values. Several minutes later however, and there is no change. All this while my S6 is showing tile changes on a regular basis. However… Trying to load the preferences screen with my S^ and I get the following error: "Error Refreshing Page"

Thank you so much for this great code. What is the “configure” supposed to do as I click it and nothing happens?

Also have any of you used the meter logging as described here: Log events to Google Sheets [see post 154 for current Github repo and v1.1]

Direct Github:

The configure tile (button) is what sends the Thing preferences you set using the upper right GEAR icon… to the HEM device. Not all the preferences are actually sent there but the 3 report interval values are along with some preset settings from my version of the device handler code. The reason for the configure tile (button) to be on the device dashboard is purely to give you a way to send/resend the prefs to the HEM. In theory, the ST app should do this when you establish the Zwave connection to the HEM but it doesn’t with any reliability. So devices that have need of values to be “sent” to them by the ST hub often have a tile (button) like this. I suppose I could have called it “send/resend configuration preferences to HEM”, but that’s a mouthful! :slight_smile:

Note: If you don’t see Pole 1/2 or Totals showing up on the dashboard after a bit, set the prefs under the GEAR icon and hit configure. You wont notice any magic in app but if you were to be looking at your ST Graph debug console, You would see the config values being sent to the HEM one after another and then a zwave configuration report would appear which is an indication that it’s succeeded.

On your other question. I have not seen the google-docs logging yet. I’ll have to take a look and see if it’s easy to slip into my code. Or feel free to tinker, I have less time lately for this sort of fun. However, I would love to try it and maybe put a graph against the logged data. I have a plotwatt account setup and it uses the HEM data but plotwatt is not very good. They lack a very basic option to have the chart synced with your billing cycle so it’s practically worthless to me at least.

@Dillon_Miller / Community:

I used your code, but it didn’t work. I tried with this too but neither, So I am thinking that maybe my device does not work, is there a way to check the device?

Thank you in advanced.

After remove and include again the device it started to work. Thanks.

Great news. Glad you got it working and sorry for delayed response.