Z-wave Plug-in Dimmer

Is the z-wave plug-in dimmer still a thing? I’ve bought this a few years ago but it’s now unavailable:

I found this other ones on Amazon but people say it’s based on the old standards and it’s a pain to add using the new app. I have not added any devices since they discontinued the Classic App.

Anyone knows any plug-in dimmer that works reliably with the new app so I don’t have to hunt around for custom device handlers in order to get it to work? Thanks.

The Jasco one you listed is two generations back, but the model has been updated.

The zwave plus version, which is one model back, should be a solid performer as long as you don’t need a Z wave S2 repeater. And it’s on sale right now, probably because they’re transitioning to the S2 model. It should work as a basic dimmer without custom code, although I don’t think you’ll get independent control of the two outlets. Maybe check the forum for that particular model number and see what people say.

Here’s the newest model as of this writing, zw3107. It does support S2 security, but the two outlets are controlled simultaneously rather than independently. It’s supposed to work with smartthings out of the box. Costs a lot more, though.

There are a couple from budget brands like minoston and new one, but I would stick with the GE/Jasco. (Honeywell is essentially the same, just with a different logo.)

It’s out of stock now. Hopefully it’s just temporary. Thank you.

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Then I would look around for it at other retailers. As I mentioned, that model is one generation back from the current model, so I would not expect them to come back into stock unless they’re getting returns from retailers.

Yep I re-read your post and realize there’s a new version that’s 49.99. Maybe I’ll wait a bit for that to go on sale.

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Amazon has the older version, but at full price. So then I would go for the S2 version. But here’s the link if you want to put a watch on it and see if the price drops.

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These are two separate dimmers (one in each side). Think folks have had trouble getting child device to control the second. I have a couple of these and never bothered to try to set up the second dimmer.

I’ve had a pretty good experience with this dimmer (700 series chip):


Hi William, I was able to add my MP21ZD devices to ST without any issues, even the device handler, but I can only get the dimmable LED floor lamps connected through them to turn on or off, nothing else… the dimming function is what I need control over here. Would you mind going through your setup steps? I’m new to all this, just want to make sure I didn’t skip a step or miss something along the way :frowning: Cheers

What device handler are you using? I’m just using the “Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic” one. Are you also sure the light bulbs themselves are dimmable?