GE Z-Wave Dimmer $34 Amazon

Now $40. Dead.

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Already $39…

Amazon will show different people different prices at different times. I ordered some schlage locks the other day and the day they arrived I had an in line add served to me from another site for $8 less. I no longer trust them to be consistent across the board.


I bought some coffee at one price. When I went to reorder a few weeks later, the price went up considerably. But a friend could still buy it at the lower original price…

I’ve got one of these and love it. Was wondering if this is a z-wave repeater as well? Anyone know?

According to the Amazon page, yes:

Range Extender
Each GE Smart Control repeats the signal up to 100 feet. Adding additional controls extends the range of your Z-Wave network for whole home wireless control.


As a general rule, things that stay plugged in or actively connect to the electrical system will act as a repeater. Things that operate on batteries will not act as a repeater. Other than one z-wave siren, I am not aware of any exceptions.


There is no way to dim these on the switch only though the app?

I have several of these dimmers installed. They work either manually (by holding down on the switch like a normal dimmer) or through the app. They also work normally even if the hub is offline.

So you can press on top to raise the dim level and press on the bottom to lower the dim level?

exactly. They also work the same way if you install extra 3-way or 4-way switches. You can turn off / on or dim from either location. Top is always on/brighter and bottom is always off/dimmer.

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If you just press, they go on or off at the dim level they were previously set to. If you hold them down, you can adjust the dim level. They are pretty intuitive and easy for people who do not know they are HA dimmers.

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If anyone is interested in a trade of a non-dimmer GE Z-wave for a dimmer, let me know. I have three of them still shrunk in the clam-shell plastic from Lowes. I also have two Duplex Receptacles new in shrink that I would also like to trade for non dimmers.

I’m using in locations with cfl or florescent lighting, thus not wanting to dim.

Remember, camelcamelcamel is your friend for tracking prices on Amazon: