Outlet dimmer options

Is there any outlet dimmer that you could recommend that works well with smartthings?? I have found that smartthings have an outlet dimmer (if not mistaken model Centralite 4257050-ZHAC) but I cannot find it anywhere, they only have the on/off one. Any suggestion or alternative that I could use or any store where I can find the one from smartthings?? I just need it to dim a lamp I have. thanks

plus a few others that you can find here…


It was not instantly clear what country you are located in as this will have a great impact on product choices. For example all the links provided by @jkp only apply to US customers, the Smartthings site when it redirects automatically to my countries site gives 404 errors for each.

However another product to consider is Insteon, they make plugin dimmers for the US, Europe and UK and there is a device handler for them. Lutron Caseta also offers a plugin dimmer but Lutron are clearly xenophobes and refuse to do versions of Caseta other than for the US. :frowning_face:

(Yes both Insteon and Lutron would also require their respective gateways.)

The Aeotec one mentioned by jkp is also available for multiple countries.

It would be nice if Ikea added a plugin dimmer to their Tradfri range, currently they only have a basic on/off one.

Finally as presumably the intent is to use these plugin dimmers with either floor or table lamps another different approach is to use Philips Hue smart bulbs. Philips have finally updated their bulbs so they remember their settings if power is turned off. This makes using them for floor and table lamps a lot more practical in my opinion especially along with a Philips Hue wireless remote. Floor and desk lamps are a lot less likely to have the same level of concern over someone mistakenly turning off a (wall) switch.

(The fact that until Philips ‘fixed’ their bulbs that all so called smart bulbs lost their setting when power was interrupted made them actually pretty dumb bulbs! As far as I am aware all other brands of so called smart bulbs still have this flaw.)

There is a community-created Insteon integration, but it still requires another device to act as a server. There is no direct communication between smartthings and Insteon regardless of region.

For the UK, there are several Zwave dimmer plug-in pocket sockets which should work fine with smartthings using the generic DTH. These will not require any additional bridge devices.

TKB Home has been quite popular in the community over the years:

EverSpring has another option:

thanks a lot for your suggestions. I found those in the smartthings webpage but looking for something proven to work. I guess if is in their page is because works right. thanks

thanks for the advise, I actually have phillips hue in all my house but the lamps I am planning to dim are with MR16 bulb and I have not found this type of phillips hue bulbs, if not mistake they only have GU10.

BTW I am in Mexico and I think probably the most suitable option would be the GE one as is the cheapest and the one I found in Amazon. thanks a lot

thanks for the suggestion, I would prefer something that communicates directly with the ST hub and I guess I can achieve that with the GE dimmer. Thanks

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