Plug in dimmer 40 bucks

(Solardave1) #1

They also have a nice bundle of aeon stuff for $299 but I didn’t take it apart to see if it was really a bargain or not - they include 2 minimotes the usefulness in the st environmentis questionable, (as in I don’t know).

(Ronny Carr) #2

You can get the ZDS100 on eBay most weeks for $25 and free shipping.

(Tony Romano) #3

How does the ZDS100 do with Smartthings? I know some of the less expensive Z-wave devices use an older Z-wave standard and update less frequently.

(Ronny Carr) #4

I haven’t had any problems with the ZDS100. I have four and all seem to be just as reliable as my other plug-ins. What I like most of all about the ZDS100 is the switch on the back to change from dimmer to switch. What a great option to have! When in switch mode, it also doesn’t make the click like most other modules do when switching on/off.