Z-Wave Outlet okay to use with a fridge?

(Brandon ) #1

I have some LED lighting under my cabinets that are plugged into the same outlet that my refrigerator is plugged into. https://www.lowes.com/pd/GE-Z-Wave-15-Amp-120-Volt-White-Wireless-Duplex-Electrical-Outlet/50329997 Will that Z wave outlet work efficiently and most importantly SAFELY with powering my fridge? I tried to use some z wave toggles but they just made the LEDs flicker. So thinking I need to actually switch out the outlet. thanks.

(Robert Mitchell) #2

Top outlet is just a normal outlet. Check your refrigerator for current requirements - if a 15 amp outlet is adequate, you should be good to go.
ZWave switched devices on the bottom outlet should be fine. Just don’t plug your refrigerator in the wrong outlet.

(Brandon ) #3

Okay thank you. So the two outlets aren’t the same? You said the top is a normal outlet, then what is the bottom? Just want to make sure I am doing this safely. I appreciate your help.

(Robert Mitchell) #4

Read the product description you linked. Every ZWave outlet I have seen has been divided this way; one normal outlet and one switched outlet.

(Brandon ) #5

Oh interesting, I always figured both outlets had smart capability. Seems odd that they limit it to one outlet. But I guess, in my case, that’s exactly what I need. Thanks. I should read more closely lol I’ll verify the amps tomorrow. I am assuming that would be on the back of the fridge.