Outlet Orientation

(Will) #1

Weird Issue I ran into while installing my gear this weekend.

I am trying to install an outlet in the bathroom so that we can monitor and make sure my wife’s hot iron does not get left on when we leave for work. BUT her items use Polarized Plugs and are restricting being able to be plugged into the bottom outlet on the GE Zwave outlet by her Hair Drier.

Are there any outlets that offer the top outlet be Z-Wave instead of the bottom?

Maybe I am going about this wrong?

(Brian) #2

Polarized by having one larger than the other or one being turned 90 degrees?

All outlets should be polarized with the left larger than the right. If the left is turned 90 degrees then it requires a 20 amp service and most z-wave outlets are 15 amp.

Is this the outlet? because they both look size polarized

(Will) #3

Yes. The left prong is larger than the right.


I have hair dryer that must be plugged into the bottom outlet due to plug shape as well as a hair straightener that doesnt matter which way its plugged in. I need the zwave to control the straightener…but can’t because the hair dryer must take the wireless outlet :frowning:

This feels like a silly problem…but its 50% of the reason I went zwave…due to the straightener being left on all day.

(Danny C) #4

I think they all control the bottom outlets. The easiest thing will be to use a small plug extender like one of these. I personally like to pass through one. I use a white version in my bathroom.


This could also be an option:


There’s a thread about that device. I’m seriously considering one as well.

(Mike Maxwell) #6

And last but not least, you could grab an AEON micro and have it control the lower outlet only.
If you look carefully between the screws on the hot side of the outlet, there’s a small jumper plate that can be pried out to separate the two outlets within the duplex.