Z-Wave Outdoor Light Sensor (EU)

Does someone have a good outdoor light sensor that they recommend? I’m in EU, so only EU Z-Wave frequency.

The best bet is probably the Sensative light and temperature strip. Excellent outdoor rating.

I know there are a lot of people using their contact sensor, I don’t recall anyone using this model who’s reported in the forums yet.

how sensitive does it need to be? The Phillips hue outdoor motion sensor has a built-in light sensor which works fine for telling the difference between daytime and nighttime and has an excellent weatherproof rating. There are definitely people using that one.

You don’t need the hue bridge to use it with SmartThings, but you will need a custom DTH:

But of course that’s zigbee, not Z wave.

For one more option, Climax Technologies do make a zwave one on the EU frequency, but I’ve never seen it for sale to individuals. You could contact them and ask.


But I would think the sensative would be the strongest candidate.

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Ok. Think i will take a look at the Sensative.
Thank you so much for quick answer!

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I see there’s a review at Vesternet from someone using it with smartthings in the EU, it looks like it now has a stock DTH. :sunglasses:.

Good! Thanks for the help!

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