Z-Wave or Zigbee RGBW Option for replacement pool light?

I have an old school halogen flood in my pool to light it up. After installing RGWB light strips and waterfalls, I want to match the pool light to the new LEDs. Is there a Z-Wave or Zigbee LED RGBW flood light option that I could use to replace it with? It needs to have an Edison screw base, 120v, and be able to put out a decent amount of light. Any ideas would be appreciated!

Is the position below the water? If so, the signal won’t get through.

Yeah, that’s what I was afraid of, It’s about 2 feet deep in the pool.

Use a nonnetworked bulb, then, and a networked switch. But of course you won’t get color control that way, unfortunately.

Yeah, the color control is really what I need. They LED’s that you can change color by switching the power off and on but that seems tedious especially when you are trying to sync colors with other lights.

You could look into combining the Fibaro rgbw controller with a nonnetworked bulb like the Color Splash LED pool light. But it would take some experimenting.

If you want to use standard blink control, I’d use a WiFi switch instead as it’s easier to force sequencing, although @bravenel and some other community members have succeeded in quick sequencing with some zwave switches for changing detection modes on outdoor floods. That just feels potentially fragile to me, though.

In either case, you could pre program the blink sequence for the color changes, which is better than doing it by manually flipping the switch each time. :blush:

One note: most color changing floods are way dimmer than a typical pool flood light, a lot of people prefer to add ambience lights rather than replace existing bright floods.

Ideally, I would love to use the Fibaro with a Color Splash or other LED RGB type light, but unfortunately I wouldn’t know where to start.

The idea of a Wifi switch is interesting. I already have control of the light switch through my iAqualink pool automation but obviously no way to sequence it fast enough to have pre-selected colors mapped out.

I know the LED would likely be dimmer than a halogen bulb but it seems crazy to run a 350 watt bulb all the time. Plus my pool is pretty small so a decent LED should be OK to at least accent the light, especially with the additional waterfall and exterior lighting I already have.

hey…Any luck with this? im looking to do the same…:slight_smile:

yes I know …old topic… I too am looking for a solution… I think I am going to put a GE 12722 and maybe set up something with ifttt to to toggle the switch for certain colors??

I put a standard Jandy type z-wave dimmer switch on my underwater light. It works great for on and off…and it can even dim. However, I too am trying to find a solution for a color changing light. There are plenty that use some sort of small remote control (I’m guessing IR) to change the colors, but that’s not what I want.

Has anyone ever found a way to do this?

I take no repsonse as a “no”…lol