Pond/Water Feature Lighting? (UK)

I’m currently in the process of building a water blade water feature with a pond/tank at the bottom of it.

What does everyone use for lighting? I know I could grab a Wemo Switch or something and plug them into it, but I was wondering if theres anything out there for dimming or even colour?

Depends on your budget. Also, if I recall correctly, you’re in the UK, right? The available devices will be different there.

Here’s one recent discussion.

I think a lot of people use the Fibaro RGBW controller, put the controller indoors, and just connect it to whatever outdoor feature lighting you want to use. That’s probably the simplest and would be available for both the UK and the US.

Im in the UK yep. How would the RGBW controller work with a pre-existing pond lighting?

If the power requirements match, it should work fine, it’s just a 4 channel controller.

Hmm interesting, i’ll have to ask @fraserjr how exactly he’s accomplished that.

Coincidentally thats the exact same setup I am currently building, only a little smaller, without a pool (pond instead) and 1 waterfall

My point was much around how the heck does the Fibaro control the lights if its an RGB lamp or strip. Ie, lets say I get these: http://www.water-garden.co.uk/prod/colour-changing-led-pond-strip-lights

How the heck does the Fibaro work with that

I use the GE Outdoor switch to turn my 12V transformer on and off. It would be nice to have color control for my submerged lights, but I have not found such an item yet.