Pool light switch (color)

So I am just finishing up my pool build, and the electricians will be out in the next few days to install this https://www.pentair.com/content/pentair/en/products/pool-spa-equipment/pool-lighting/intellibrite_controller.html

This controls the color changing LED pool lights (3 of them).

Im wondering if there is any weather proof (or I can put it in a housing) smart switch that would absolutely control these lights.
From my understanding this is a fairly dumb digital switch so I dont think its rocket science to expect a fairly decent smart switch can control these.
They are color changing LEDs so whatever switch would need to recognize that they are color aware.

Any ideas? I would much rather have these integrated with ST and Webcore than have to physically turn them on with a switch… how archaic :slight_smile:

There are a number of outdoor zwave switches like this one:

However, the real issue that you need to confirm is the action of the IntelliBrite controller when power is removed and reapplied. If that controller will remember it’s setting and return to that after power is cut and restored, than a switch in front of it will work. However, if it doesn’t, than no switch will work. Some controllers require you to power on using their own internal switch and won’t respond to incoming power stops and starts.

Your controller has it’s own power button, so this could go either way.

Looking at the manual, all you could do with that is simple on/off. You could not control color or anything else. There has to be a way to communicate those instructions to the device and there seems to be no way to do that either wired or wireless. Sorry.

Yeah that seems to be the problem… They are very simple bulbs but there is no way (without the automation controller) to control them with any smart switch or device… very strange… seems like there would be something out there.

Might have to get something else or wait until the come up with something.