Toggle GE Z-Wave Switch On/Off/On Several Time to Control RGB Pool Lights?

Good evening comminuty,

I have a GE Z-Wave Plus toggle switch(Not dimmer) working very well to control my color changing pool lights.
The lights have preset color modes that are cycled by quickly flipping the switch on/off/on. (On/Off/On =Blue, On/Off/On/Off/On=Red, etc)

I’m trying to figure out a way to automate this process and integrate into an app that will allow me to select a color and have the Z-Wave switch perform the on/off sequence for that color.

The folks over at Home Assistant are onto something as posted below.

Can you please guide me in the right direction? I’m currently using SmartThings only.

There are people who have done this exact same kind of project before for the same reason, to control color-changing pool lights, but rather than direct you to what was previously done, at this point by far the easiest way is just to do it with web core. :sunglasses: The set up is a little complicated, but there are lots of community members who will be glad to help you.

I do appreciate the advice. I’ve been considering core since I started with ST. I think this will start my journey.

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Have you been able to get your pool lights to work? I’m trying to do this too.

Has anyone figured this out yet? After my research and use of the GE smart switches, I believe a switch or relay that can handle the blinks locally vs sending the on/offs thorough the network, would be best. The delay in the network seems like it will cause issues and just plain out slow.