PAR 20 Color changing bulbs

(Tom ) #1

Anyone know of any PAR20 outdoor bulbs that can change color similar to the Philips Hue bulbs?



There are a lot of these sold for spas and swimming pools, but they aren’t networked. They usually change color with a complicated blink sequence at the switch.

You might be able to combine them with the fibaro RGBW controller, but the controller itself has to be indoors.

(Tom ) #3

Thank you for the information and the recommendation! I was considering trying the Philips Par16 but don’t know enough about bulbs to know if it will work!
These are to replace halogen outdoor bulbs that shine down on the house.


Do you specifically want red/green/blue color changes? If just white is enough, GE link has some networked outdoor floods that are compatible with SmartThings, although I’m not sure if they come in Par20.

Another alternative would be to keep the bulbs you have and replace the switch with something SmartThings can control. You probably wouldn’t get color changes (so you’d have to do those however you do them now), but you’d have networked on/off and dim.

(Tom ) #5

I was looking for RGB color changes… figure it would be easy holiday decorations!


If it’s a use case where you can set color and leave it that way for awhile, you could consider the nonnetworked Halco (they have a nice handheld remote for color control) and add networked switches for on/off/dim.

Where this kind of set up falls down next to a networked smart bulb is being able to automatically change colors in response to other events.

(Because the Halco remote uses IR codes, it’s theoretically possible to use an IR blaster like Global Cache to bridge it to SmartThings, but those aren’t made for outdoor use either. )

(John Rucker) #7

I have several Hue bulbs in my landscaping. Make sure the fixture is weather tight and they work great. I don’t think they are bright enough to be used as a spot or flood light but they light up our little bridge real well.