Z-Wave Locks on Hubitat, All Other Z-Wave Devices on SmartThings Hub?

Has anyone set up both an ST Hub and a Hubitat hub in the same house where the z-wave locks are controlled by Hubitat, but other z-wave devices such as outlets and plugs are controlled on the ST hub? Does this set up two independent meshes, but that means I may need to place some of my switches and outlets on the Hubitat to make that mesh more reliable? Or is there a way to set both hubs on the same mesh? My hope is that my Schlage locks might report events more consistently on the Hubitat. Currently, the locks occasionally fail to report unlock or lock events to the ST hub and that is preventing me from using the locks as a reliable way to arm/disarm Home Monitor.

  1. ST and Hubitat generally would both want to be the primary hub, each with their own Zwave network. ST does support being a secondary controller, but its not recommended and is a pain when devices get added later. Hubitat doesn’t support being a secondary controller.
  2. Locks require a nearby non-sleepy (powered) device that supports beaming to function properly. You’d at least need enough of these devices on your Hubitat mesh to support the locks if you move them over.
  3. Schlage Zwave locks are not on the Hubitat supported device list. You can check their forums as to why.

There are also options to share devices between ST and Hubitat. Mira (mine) and Hubithings Replica are two popular options depending on which direction you’re going.


Thanks for the info. It looks like Schlage was removed from the Hubitat compatible device list AFTER I purchased the hub a few years ago. It looks like I should consider swapping my locks, or swapping out the electronics inside the Schlages to become zwave plus.

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