Z-Wave Locks not reporting status

I have a Yale Z-Wave lock that does not report it’s status if it is locked in unlocked manually. The status only updates if I hit the refresh button or if I send a lock/unlock command in the app.

I’m using ethayer/lock-manager. Switch the device handler to the default Z-Wave Lock doesn’t work either.

I’ve moved the hub so it has line of sight and also performed a Z-Wave repair.

Try adding a repeater close to your lock and moving your hub away from the lock. You may need to exclude and re-pair your lock also:

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I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Did you ever get this working? I have tried multiple things and both apps (classic and new) always show the lock as unlocked.

I have a Danlock and the missing status from manual opening of the Lock can be related to the way the cylinder in the Lock operates.

For my Lock the cylinder from outside rotates also the cylinder on the inside and then Danalock status works both from Remote and by openining the Lock manually. (For those who don’t know Danalock it replaces the knob on the inside of the door).

For Danalock it has a rail-to-rail setting that might improve function when it is opened manually.

A z-wave switch With repeater funtion close to the Lock improves z-wave range