Z-Wave Kwikset 910 Smart Lock

Battery Level not being reported to SmartThings over last 6 months. Even after changing batteries the old battery level continued to be reported. I’ve tried everything from re-adding device, rebooting hub, and changing device handler from “Z wave lock” to “Z wave lock with codes”. The lock operates normally with SmartThings Apps and automations but it’s battery level never gets updated. All 3 of my Kwikset 910 Z-wave locks are doing this after having no problems with battery level reporting for like 7 years. I have latest firmware (47.00011) and 3rd generation Samsung hub. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can’t be the only one with this problem I suspect, but very little on internet on this specific problem for Kwikset locks. Kind Regards, Mark.

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I would suggest forgetting about using legacy IDE and groovy DTH for any device at this point and focus on Edge drivers instead. Legacy IDE and groovy will lose support in the near future.

I suggest installing the following Edge driver:

  • install @philh30 Z-wave Lock PH Edge Driver —> Channel Invite
  • exclude the lock
  • bring the hub within inches of the locks
  • Add Device > by brand > z-wave

In place of the legacy IDE, I suggest switching to the community developed tool: API Browser+

if you need info on Edge, start here: FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

Platform Transition FAQ


me too- any solution besides buying a new lock - that’s not going to happen

nevermind my previous remark. I used the above solution of installing the Edge Driver and the indicator now is working. THANK you


In case anyone else comes upon this thread like I did, enrolling in the Z-wave Lock PH Edge Driver solves the problem but you don’t need to exclude the lock and re-pair it. After installing the driver on your account, just select the device from the app, select Menu/Driver and select the new driver. Seamless change for me.