More reliable Relay to replace Aeotec zwave?

I have a similar issue. My flood lights randomly turned on that’s connected to an Aeotec nano switch. Then a few days later, the flood light control on smarrthings app disappeared! I’m in southern CA and have this atmospheric rain storm so I can’t really open the electric box right now to fix, but my flood lights just randomly turned on again and this time, I can’t even turn it off because the flood light icon disappeared. The lights turned out. I think I have a short in the electrical box. Did anyone have this problem?? It’s frustrating. I’m using the SmartThings hub. I’m looking for a different relay module that works with HomeKit. Any suggestions?

Right now, it’s complicated. It should be better in another eight months or so. But here are your current choices.

Most of these options, particularly the Matter ones, will work with both SmartThings and Apple Home at the same time.

  1. Official HomeKit integration in the US

There’s dohome , but they have no safety certifications, and the engineering is very inexpensive. They also have a high return rate at Amazon. So this exists, but personally, I wouldn’t use it.

Meross has the MSS710HK, but it’s only 10 A, and surprisingly for Meross, has no independent third-party safety certifications. This one gets much higher ratings. But as a wheelchair user, I tend to be very concerned about fire safety , which is why I want to see an independent, third-party safety certification. So again, I wouldn’t use it.

  1. Matter integration, but only up to 10A

Sonoff has a tiny 10A wifi relay with matter support, which makes it easy to bring into Apple home, but the problem is it only goes up to 10 A. That’s enough for lighting, but most US circuits are 15 amp and it gets tricky. The engineering quality is good, it’s just that it was really designed based on European needs, not US. It does have TUV safety certification. So it might work for you, but it might not.

  1. UL Certified, 15A, but needs third-party firmware.

Shelly makes a really well engineered WiFi device, 15 A, UL certified. They’ve promised matter updates for it eventually, but it’s not here yet. So until then, the only way to use it in Apple home is by flashing the firmware with a custom version. At which point the warranty no longer applies.

And here’s the custom firmware you would need

It’s certainly doable, it’s a popular approach, but I wouldn’t do it myself.

So where does that leave us? For me, I would wait for Shelly to get matter support implemented. Or another brand to come out with a safety certified model. But I know other people will feel differently.


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