Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades

I got the cellular blackout shades for the bedroom. I’m sure we have some outlets but I don’t like the idea of an exposed cord either. I was going to look into re-purposing some of the remotes. I got eric’s shady device handler working, and was trying to get the shady smart app to control multiple blinds as one device. I installed the smart app via the API but not sure how to select it or find it in the app.

If you have the SmartApp already installed in your IDE and published then do the following:

  1. In the ST app, go to Automations, then SmartApps tab
  2. Scroll down to Add a SmartApp, then scroll down to My Apps
  3. You can find Shady in there, select it
  4. Select New Shade Automation
  5. Select the shades, give it a group name, assign a name (I gave it the same as the group name) and hit Done.
  6. Now you have a Thing in your Thing’s list with the name you just gave it. Controlling it controls the entire group.

I can’t get “my Apps” section to show up in the app even tho it shows up in my IDE. have tried logging out and back in to the app, need to do some trouble shooting on it.

I am pretty sure you are affected by the current outage then:

I currently am not… but trying not to jinx it :sweat_smile:

OK i had to go to the code in the IDE and then click “publish” and “for me” and now it shows up in the app.

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These blinds and shades look really COOL to add to a Smarthome! I just received my order of 3 roller shades Graber Z-Wave.I’m doing inside-the-frame-mounting and I’ll take a little video of the installation and final operation of the rollers when I install them in a couple of days. Everything looks like it was packaged right with all components included. But the one thing that makes me comfortable is the VIDEO instructions that NEAL posted on this forum, so that while I’m trying to get them connected and operational with my z-wave network and Smartthings Hub, I have those VIDEOS to go-to for instructions. Because there is one thing I noticed on the ZebraBlinds website . . .while in the ordering process…there isn’t really any detailed instruction of how to order what you need or want, to use these with a smarthome integration. No illustrations of the mechanisms you get to choose from or how they integrate, and even when you go to FAQ section of the website, there is no instructions for the Smarthome buyer. Like how to troubleshoot, or programming instructions for z-wave, etc. I don’t know why they don’t have NEAL’s, VIDEO FAQ section on the website… they would probably gain more sales, if they did. Because when I plunk down over thousands of dollars for a product, that’s what I want to see, to reassure me that I have the support and easy to follow information to ease my anxiety when spending that kind of money! Thank you NEAL! We’ll see how these go, and I have many more windows in my home :wink: Todd

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Hey Todd,

Thanks for the feedback, we are actually having a major sitewide update coming in a few weeks time. Everything is changing, and part of the change is an all new knowledgebase with a dedicated section for SmartThings as well as other hubs.

Right now all hands are on deck to get all the changes completed.

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Hey Neal,

That’s good news for your company. The Smarthome evolution is starting to explode and from what I can see from your products,…you guy’s have the most simple-to-install- and get operational product than anyone else on the market at this time…so ZebraBlinds better take advantage of that fact, alone! I would also take it to the next level, and explain how they are operational through a smarthome assistance device like Amazon Echo and Google Home. Good luck and hope you get a promotion soon!! Todd

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I am looking at ordering six 24x70 shades from zebrablinds also. So please feel free to share any tips. Looking forward to seeing that video!

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@jimimoore In the meantime, if you have any questions or something I can help with feel free to message.

@toddsworld btw, which shades did you buy?

Hey Neal,

I bought 3 of these. . . .

Virtual Cord Z-Wave LightWeaves® Graber® Roller Shades
Inside Mount
Width Fraction
Height Fraction
Cambridge LF 76 / Cambridge LF 92 / Harmony / Sheffield
Harmony Cityscape 02601
Power Package
Plug-In Transformer with Virtual Cord™ Control
Virtual Cord Remote

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Please keep me updated on the install, also if you run into any problems.

We are currently going through the list of articles needed on the new knowledge base and decided to ask the community. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  1. What questions would you like to see answered?
  2. Is there something that you think we can do a better job at answering?
  3. Would you prefer written instructions, video instructions or a mix of both?
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Hi, I just got some of those blinds, not via your company I’m sorry, if I knew before I would.

I was able to pair it, but it show as a switch not a dimer on smarthings, so I can only fully open or close, is there a trick to be performed to get this working as a dimmer?

Thank you

Just follow these instructions: Z-Wave + integrated blinds/shades: Custom Graber Virtual Cord Shades

An update due to increased requests for these, also added to first post:

Hey Neal - we are just now starting to shop for some zwave motorized blinds - didnt want to miss out on a sale though. we dont want to rush it but we dont want to miss out on a sale too - the current one ends in a day and i dont think we will have time to get everything decided and would also like some color samples. will this big sitewide sale be better than the current one about to expire? whats the best way to get a few color and material samples? were looking at doing a large house, lots of big windows so all the savings we can get the better.

I always run something or another, so don’t worry about it too much. The only thing I can’t control is the manufacturer rebate, it expires on the 28th and we need orders in by the 27th just in case.

Manufacturer Rebate of up to $500 (expires Feb 28, 2017)
Any Graber products sold on www.zebrablinds.ca and www.zebrablinds.com are eligible for the following manufacturer mail in rebate. The rebate form will be sent via email once the order is delivered. Once the form is submitted a check will be sent through your mail. Rebate is as follows:

$100 back for any order above $1000
$250 back for any order above $2500
$500 back for any order above $5000
Rebate’s can only be claimed once per household, and can only be claimed for one order. Cannot combine orders for a rebate claim.

I am also sending a direct PM with some additional info.

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Hey Neal,

I’m programming my shades to ST hub now and one shade goes all the way down (shut) at 100% on my ST device. The other shade goes all the way up (open)at 100% on my ST device.

How do I make the other shade go to all the way SHUT (down) at 100% ? So they match directions.

Thanks, Todd

You need to reverse the motor direction on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akyaRLQfrjQ&feature=youtu.be

EDIT: What direction does it go when you press up on the remote?

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