Z-wave inclusion help when ST Hub is used as a Zwave Secondary Controller

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I have a problem with my system, I am trying in vain to learn the Fibaro smoke sensor (FIBEFGSD-002) and 2x POPP smoke alarm siren (POPE701486) according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

I set up the Aeotec Gateway (IM6001-V3P) and successfully with Smartthings, I was able to connect to the existing Fakro network* relatively easily via the App - Hub - Z-Wave Extras - Learning Mode. All controls work fine via the app and I can continue to use the existing controller normally.

*I have 3 roof windows (ZWS230), 2 blinds (ARZ Z-WAVE) and a controller (ZWP10) from Fakro that work in a z-wave network.

I did a Z-Wave repair through Smartthings and reset the sensors to factory settings.

My question is, could it be that the existing Fakro network is blocking new inclusions via the Aeotec Gateway? Are there other ways to program the sensors?

I cannot reset the Fakro mesh because the roof height is too high.

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Hans Müller

Both of the devices you are having trouble including are Z-wave. I would try doing a general exclusion and exclude those devices (even though you have never added them). If a Z-wave device has previously been joined to another hub, it won’t add to yours until it is excluded.

This can even happen with new devices. They may have been tested at the factory and not excluded. Or they could have been purchased as new but were returns from another user that had joined them to a hub.

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Thank you for your message!
Unfortunately, I can’t help you with this because I don’t know how the Aeotec Gateway software works. will be when you contact their support. Their support department should have information on how their system works and how their system supports third party devices.
If you were to add devices to our Gateway, then we know how our switchboards support third-party devices and we could provide you with answers.

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Thank you, I got an answer from z-Wave support DE.

My mistake, I integrated the Aeotec Hub into the existing facro network as a secondary device. so the hub is blocked to connect new z-wave devices.

Hi Hans
I’m very interest to know how you connected to the “existing Fakro network”. I have a roof window with blinds, as well as the standard remote controller (ZWP10) and I would very much like to do some automation.
You write: relatively easily via the App - Hub - Z-Wave Extras - Learning Mode.
Where is this learning mode?
I found this guide https://support.smartthings.com/hc/en-us/articles/204392790-Z-Wave-General-Info (“Including the SmartThings Hub into another Z-Wave network” half way down), but I cannot find any “View Utilities” or “Join/Leave another Z-Wave network”

Regards Rodgaard