August Smart L

(Trenton A Northrup) #1

Can anyone please tell me how to connect the August Smart Lock to the Samsung SmartThings?

(Jimmy) #2

You can’t.


Not compatible because August is not a zwave or zigbee device and has no open API. It does work with Apple HomeKit though.

(Trenton A Northrup) #4

what about with the IFTTT? If I’m away, I want to be able to unlock my
door if a maintenance man needs to get in.


It can work but I find the ST -> IFTTT connection very laggy. Rarely is instantaneous, sometimes there can be a 5-10 minute delay. Go with a Schlage or Yale ZWave lock, they are mostly solid.


The August IFTTT service let you use the lock as an “if” but not as a “that.” So you can’t use it to unlock the lock. You can only use it so that if the lock is unlocked, you can have something else happened like lights come on.

(Mike Breault) #7

August Lock is releasing the pro version which has zwave technology in it and will be compatible with SmartThings eventually.


So they say. :wink: it hasn’t been certified yet, though.


Have to be a certified installer to purchase it or buy it through one.


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