August Smart L

Can anyone please tell me how to connect the August Smart Lock to the Samsung SmartThings?

You can’t.

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Not compatible because August is not a zwave or zigbee device and has no open API. It does work with Apple HomeKit though.

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what about with the IFTTT? If I’m away, I want to be able to unlock my
door if a maintenance man needs to get in.

It can work but I find the ST -> IFTTT connection very laggy. Rarely is instantaneous, sometimes there can be a 5-10 minute delay. Go with a Schlage or Yale ZWave lock, they are mostly solid.

The August IFTTT service let you use the lock as an “if” but not as a “that.” So you can’t use it to unlock the lock. You can only use it so that if the lock is unlocked, you can have something else happened like lights come on.

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August Lock is releasing the pro version which has zwave technology in it and will be compatible with SmartThings eventually.

So they say. :wink: it hasn’t been certified yet, though.

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Have to be a certified installer to purchase it or buy it through one.

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