Z-Wave Exclusion

Help!! I have a lock that I am trying to exclude. It was affected by a very intense storm the other night. Where in the app do I run the exclude? I am running a ST Home Connect Pro hub. When I tap on the hub Icon, and then the 3 dots in the top right hand corner, the only options I get are Guest Access, Network Settings and Information. Where is the Z-Wave tab. Thx,

I can’t answer for the Home Connect Pro hub through the app. You may want to try: Advanced Web App, go to the Hub section, tap on the name of your hub and it should be there.

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Like @jkp, I don’t have that huh model. Do each of the sub-hubs appear as separate devices in the app? If so then have you checked all of them? As I understand it, only one of the hubs is the controller for Z-wave and Zigbee.

For the 2015/V2, 2018/V3, and Aeotec hubs you tap on the hub, wait for things to populate, tap the 3-dots, then pick Settings. Z-wave utilities is one of the items in the Settings menu.