Z-Wave Dual Swtich in a single gang size?

I have Leviton R62-05634-00W 15 Amp White Decora Dual Switch and I would like to replace it with a Z-Wave Switch.

I have been looking a possible solutions but found none that make sense. The Leviton VRCS2-MRZ 2-Button switch is no longer available.

Looking for suggestions.

Thank you

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These are made for the European and Asian markets, but right now there really isn’t anything for the US market except the MCO home, and it’s not working well with SmartThings.

What most people are doing is getting an in wall micro relay that can control two branches And then wiring it to any momentary dual switch you like. That should work fine, and there are number of community members doing it. The vision micro is popular because it’s quite inexpensive, but there are a couple of other brands as well.

Just check the specs carefully to make sure they match what you are wiring it to.

This link is to a two pack, but you should be able to find individually as well:

Qubino also makes one which has more features and is smaller, but it also costs more,

As @JDRoberts suggests, I use a micro double switch (in my case the Aeon Labs Aeotec DSC 17103) and I actually have it with the same Leviton Dual Switch you have (just diff color)

The only issue with this is that the switch act as a toggle with these switches not (Up-ON Down-Off)

Just to avoid possible confusion, the aeotec model dsc-17103 is an older generation switch and it’s called micro; nano refers to the newest generation of aeotec in-wall switches and dimmers. As the names imply, the newer generation devices are smaller than the older ones.

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Thank you everyone.

I put in an order for the Vision-Z-Wave-In-Wall-Single-Relay-Module-On-Off-Switch-ZL7431US and Vision Z-Wave In-Wall 2-Relay Double Switch ZL7432US

I should be getting them this weekend. I’ll post back how it works out.

Thanks again


I am looking for one, too…just don’t make them yet. I like making all my switches work with or without SmartThings just in case I move or something bad happens.

They will work good. Been using them for a while. Should’ve gotten both doubles and use only one relay output. That way you could switch them if needed or have a spare for the future.

Vision relays will do exactly that. Existing switch controls relay directly, no HUB involved. Or automation controls relay through HUB.
Also you could by 2-pack and save a few bucks. https://www.thesmartesthouse.com/collections/vision

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I bought the Vision In Wall Z-Wave Micro Switch, 2 relay (2pack). Installed one the drive 2 switches. It was very easy to install. Easy to configure. It’s small but I needed to more wires around as my box has many wires, Pushed it onto one of the corners and it’s happy where it is.

Great recommendation - thank you

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You’re welcome. Glad I could help.
I’m using them myself and they work good.
Regarding the many wires you have in the box: NEC limits the number of wires in the box (you count only wires that come into or go out of the box) based on box volume. If needed, you can change the box to a deeper one, hence larger volume and more wires allowed.@

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My ZL7431US switch has been working fine for over a year now, all of the sudden it stopped working.
I tried removing it from the network and re-adding it. It worked for a while that it stopped.

Has anyone experienced similar issue?