Single pole duplex switch

Hi all,
Have a couple of these dual switches in my house and I’m not sure what I can use to zwave enable them (aside from making them all into singles and having tons more switches all the way up this wall). Any ideas?

Doubt you have room for 2 microswitches in your box but you could add a box above the switch with a blank faceplate and house 2 of them in there.

Or possibly use them in the box at each light fixture.

Hi @russrimm,

I have one of these working very well. It’s a little expensive, and it took some effort to get it to join the hub, but it works. I didn’t have room to add another switch, or room in the box for the Aeon microswitches.

If you go this route I can help you join this up because it can be a pita.

I happen to have a blank plate already below my two other wall plates which each have two switches in them, so I could probably stuff them in there. So am I correct in assuming that I would need one of these for each switch? So since I have two wall plates with two switches in each, I would need four of these if I want to be able to control all 4?

I assume so… I haven’t use one personally but it appears they only can control 1 load so 1 per switch/load

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Give this one a look


Thanks jerzydiver, I went with the ZWM-RSM2 and just got it all working well after adding custom device type and devices using Joel Tamkin and Matt Frank’s code… Cool!