Is there something similar for smartthings? (Dual switch in single gang box)

Hi, I’m looking for a two gang switch similar to this one, that works with smartthings.

Koogeek Smart WiFi Light Switch Two Gang for Apple HomeKit with Siri Remote Light Control Switch on 2.4Ghz Network No Hub Required Single Pole

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Leviton used to make one, the VRCS2. However, that’s from an older generation of Z wave, and it has been out of stock at most places for a while. It may be that they are going to bring out a new one with the newest Zwave generation, zwave plus, but it hasn’t been announced yet. :disappointed_relieved:

There are some dual relays which you can put in the switchbox which can work.

The vision is popular

There are similar zwave relays from Enerwave, monoprice, and Qubino. Aeotec is supposed to have a dual in their new zwave plus nano line, but I haven’t seen it yet.


Thank you very much for the information

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