Z-Wave Door Lock + v3 Hub = Extra Locking and Unlocking

I’ve been using SmartThings for many years with the v1 hub. I recently upgraded to the v3 hub and moved all of my devices over. Since then, I’ve noticed a peculiar behavior with my z-wave door locks where when I unlock manually the hub seems to do an extra unlock through z-wave seconds later. This results in the lock doing the standard chirp it does when unlocked remotely. When I look at the logging for the lock, the log says “Side Door Lock lock was unlocked” followed by “Side Door Lock lock was Unlocked” (notice the last “Unlocked” is capitalized.

This morning, the system was delayed and managed to unlock the lock AFTER I manually locked it again. This is now a security concern and is adding extra drain on my lock’s batteries.

Any ideas how to fix this?

The exact same thing happens to me with both my Zigbee locks, so it may not be isolated to just zwave. I haven’t spent time trying to diagnose this, but I suspect it’s backend related to ST and not a user issue.

Did your lock actually unlock? I’ve never had that happen, but again my locks are Zigbee and I’ve never had any performance or delays with anything Zigbee. Hadn’t really noticed a drain on batteries either.

You might want to submit a support email and reference this discussion, just in case there is something funky going on.

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It’s not specific to the v3, same behavior on v1 and v2 also. I also noticed there’s a bug in the new ST app where it shows a double entry for each action with one capitalized and another one in lower case like you’re seeing (for both locking and unlocking). The best way to verify it is to open the Classic app and look at the recently page on the device and if you should see only one entry.

Meanwhile send in a bug report to support@smartthings.com with a screenshot.

If you’re seeing an “action” happening then it’s coming from a smartapp/rule which can again be seen from the Classic app recently page.


Yup, very good points @RBoy. Your suggestion on checking in the Classic app is a great idea and I never thought about that. Indeed I only see one in Classic vs. the two I see in the new app.


Sorry, I took another look at the Smart App I use to auto lock this door and remembered that it had a strangely required “unlock when open after X seconds” that I set to 0 and thought nothing of it. I’ll probably create another version of this Smart App that leaves that part out.

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That’s one important feature missing in the new app is the ability to see which app sent a command to the device and it doesn’t show any custom events reported by the DTH in the activity log or anywhere else. I really liked the ability to see which SmartApps are connected to a devices which helps users figure out what’s going on.


100% agree. I use this feature all the time in the Classic App for not only troubleshooting but also when it’s time to replace a device, I can quickly take a screenshot of what Apps are tied to that device so I can re-insert the new device into the App that was previously being used.

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