Auto lock notification even when already locked

I have my doors set to auto lock after 5 minutes. I get notification that it’s locking the door even when the door is already locked. Is there a way to prevent an action based on current status? There needs to be more options, like “only when unlocked”.

you’d have to add something like this to the code.

if(lock.latestValue("lock") == "locked") {

Someone who has written code can correct me if im wrong. but i think that should work. just make sure to update the if statement with the correct variable from the smart app preferences.

I don’t have locks so i haven’t dabbled in the different lock states… but this should work.

If you have the code you are using i cna try and update it if you share the code.

I appreciate the response, but I’m not using my own code - just what’s in the iPhone app. I don’t see a way to modify the code, even online under the Developer’s Tools.

This whole setup is frustrating. I can’t control my Nest reliably, I can’t manage my Schlage touchscreen deadbolt, no LED compatible dimmers and the radiation pattern around the hub is painfully small so everything is always out of range. Schlage management was promised almost a year ago and still nothing has been done. Is there another hub out there that actually works that doesn’t require monthly fees?

Hey @CurtP,

Some of the things in your response I cannot answer because I don’t have inside knowledge as to what STs is working on. But I will address some of your issues to help you “see the light” at the end of the tunnel.

  1. Hub Range - Zwave/ZigBee all have limited ranges and no matter if the hardware is in the hub or the endpoint they all have the same range. Both ZigBee and Z-Wave are meant to be setup as mesh networks, meaning each endpoint helps each other endpoint connect and communicate with the hub. Now, this being said, ONLY powered devices will help to extend the network. This is a limitation of the Z-Wave/ZigBee Protocol, not SmartThings. So if you get some powered enpoints, or you can get a z-wave extender and place then between the hub and the enpoint having trouble you will be in business for sure. The idea here is that no matter if you use STs or any other platform you will run into the same problems you have now with range until you improve your mesh network.

  2. LED Dimmers - Again this something that is out of STs control. Most, if not all, dimmers are not compatible with anything but incandescent lights. THe modulation wave for the lights is much different and needs constant 120v when you have LEDs. Unfortuantely they just work differently. If you want LED id recomend you look into the Hue Lights or the TCP connected lights. Unfortunately again you will see this issue with any other platform.

  3. Schlage Management - There is a shared app in the IDE that someone wrote. Not sure what it is called, i think its something like “Change Lock Code” or something like that. This will give you the ability to change the lock codes through STs. Its kind of weird how it works, but it does work, without fail. THis isn’t a STs solution but then again this is all about the community so the community provided a solution.

As for your concerns about the time it takes for things to propogate once they are “promised”. I have never seen STs not deliver on something, without a good reason not to. There have been some things they promised but ran into some obstacles that would of either cost lots of money, or the publicly availble API didn’t allow them to tie into the product fully and the company that owner the product would not allow STs to have access to the full API. Unfortunately most companies have a borken thought process on how and “open” platform can help everyone. But thats another discussion for another time.

EDIT: Nest just released a new API that will work MUCH better. Another case of something that wasn’t a problem with STs but a problems with the endpoint manufacturer. :smile:

Dianoga said he is going to tackle the new nest API i think.

So, to recap, most of the issues with STs are out of STs control and don’t get better one any other platform. Yes, sometimes STs can seem to be “slow” getting stuff out, but they are really focused on quality not quantitiy. So if you want stuff that when it is released to be quality and work 100% of the time, then stick with smartthings. :smile:

Hope this helps ease some frustrations.

Also, talk to the support people at or through chat on the support page. They are always willing to help you see the lights and, I have found recently, most times im just being a little sensitive that day and STs actually does have my back.

I just registered for the API this morning. I’m hoping to make progress pretty quickly as the API looks relatively straightforward.

Awesome! Don’t forget those of us using the temp range on their Nests. :smile: I think I must be in the significant minority on that one!

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