What's the best door lock (retrofit over existing dead bolt)?

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I currently have a very old August SmartLock, whatever the version is that doesn’t have Z-Wave. I do have the August Connect bridge for WiFi and web control, but the last I checked (it’s been a while) there is no way to integrate it with ST. That said, I saw where August has announced the Wi-Fi Smart Lock, and while I can’t find any info about it being directly supported with ST, I would suspect some way is possible even if it is through Google Home or something.

What are my current alternatives that convert a deadbolt? I like having my traditional key for the outside facing half of the lock. Something like August that converts is idea, as I don’t exactly want to replace the entire lock.


“Best” is a relative term, as different people have different preferences. :sunglasses:

There are several options in this device class that work well with SmartThings.

The newest August zwave lock, the pro 3, is a good choice, and probably the most popular. It has an official integration,


The Danalock costs less, and also has an official integration, but tends to get rated a star or two lower.

You didn’t say what country you are in, but both the August and the Danalock are sold in multiple regions around the world.

For Europe, Nuki makes a very good lock of this type, but you will probably need the paid third party device type handler from @rboy to get good use of it.

Back to the US, the Kwikset Convert is a zwave budget option but gets very mixed reviews. It is much larger than the others and quite noisy. But it may be the least expensive, especially if you get it at Home Depot with one of their regular storewide coupons.


Those are probably the most popular. Again, @rboy is an expert on locks and may have additional comments. :sunglasses:

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Have you checked out the new August Connect integration through the new app?


To add to what JD said, you can also check out the Nuki lock, which is similar to the Danalock but works on WiFi. However this is shipped from the EU region currently (it works just fine in the US however check the mounting options for your locks).

Are you only looking to remotely lock/unlock your door or are you also looking to program codes?

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