Wall-Mounted 120V Button Controller for Smartthings?


I am interested in a wall-mounted (120V) Z-wave button controller that is readily compatible with SmartThings.

It is surprising that these are not readily available since it seems to be a basic requirement for automating lights etc. Does SmartThings not see that as a requirement? At the moment I am controlling certain lights in the home by voice control (Alexa) only. Actual Z-wave switches are located in a small room in the basement - so not convenient to use those.

Does anyone know of any such controller that needs no workaround.



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helpful for everyone who recommends devices:

  1. What Country are you in?
  2. What form factor are you looking for?

And to your specific ask - are you looking for multiple buttons, single button? Any special features like Z-Wave Scene capability? Do you have a specific color in mind? Etc?


There are quite a few options that you might consider depending on your exact requirements.

Have you had a chance to look at the buttons FAQ yet? It includes both handheld and wallmount devices and both battery powered and mains powered, so read the descriptions carefully. ( this is a clickable link)


Also, one bit of good news: since smartthings is a multiprotocol platform, the wall mount device does not have to be Z wave in order to control your Z wave devices in the basement. It can be zwave, zigbee, or anything that can communicate with SmartThings.

The wall controller will send a message to the hub, and the Hub will then send the messages to the switches in the basement. So they don’t need to be able to speak to each other directly as long as both can speak to the hub. :sunglasses:


Is there even one multi-button wall-mounted 120V button controller that is readily compatible with SmartThings?

If you are aware of one, can you please post a link or make and model?

I’m looking for something that is compatible with SmartThings out of the box without any workarounds.

Thanks for any comments/suggestions.



I’m from Canada.

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Ok that means north America power and ZWave frequency… Good.

So one option is a Cooper lighting scene controller:

You will need a custom DTH with this device:

And you will need a button controller smartapp to handle the commands if the endpoint devices are not ZWave…

I personally use mine as a wall mounted control to handle a bank of roller shades.


OK. So far I’ve only used devices that were totally compatible with SmartThings, i.e. just press a button and the device gets added to the SmartThings hub. It sounds like this button controller is not like that. I don’t know anything about DTH or DH etc. Does anyone have an easy step-by-step procedure to set this up with SmartThings?

Any comments suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Many threads out there about installing a device handler. Search the forum. If you need any help let me know.


The custom code FAQ should answer most of your questions:


Would someone be able to provide step by step instructions on using the custom DTH to add this device to SmartThings.

Is this a good choice for SmartThings? Are there others (120V) that don’t require a DTH?

Much appreciated.


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I wrote the DH for this device. I can answer your questions. The link for DH is below.

I’ll make this brief as instructions are elsewhere in detail.
You will need to go to the Smartthings IDE web page. You will need your ST log in. Create a new device handler, From Code. Paste the code from the link above - hit create. Then you will be at the edit screen. Select Publish, For Me.

When you add the cooper device to your ST hub it should grab the correct DH. If you have already add it or it got the wrong one. Find it in my devices, click on it. At the bottom of the device screen select edit. You can change the DH on that screen to Cooper Aspire Scene Controller RFWC5 RFWC5D

Get an understanding of zwave associations and scenes. These are two methods zwave controllers like the RFWC can communicate with other zwave devices. There is info in the discussion

Follow the instructions in the DH carefully. You must configure the device once with the DH for it to work, even if you just want to use it to communicate with ST.

All the info you need is in the forum, if you get stumped feel free to ask questions.

Hope this helps.


Using DH to make a controller work is a bit too complicated for me. Is there any wall mounted (120V) controller that is compatible with Smartthings without using DH?

I find it a bit surprising hat I’m not able to identify such a device.

Thanks again


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Adding a custom DH to your SmartThings Account isn’t quite as complicated as it seems - a few random vendors have provided video or step-by-step video instructions, or you can PM me and we could do a screen share for ½ hour or so for an agreed upon fee.

The number of Devices officially compatible and plug & play with SmartThings is large, but it grows slowly due to their current certification backlog.

The Community loves SmartThings because we can use great Things without waiting for official integration.