Z-Wave association between Fibaro FGS-223 and FGS-213

I have recently moved house and found myself in a situation where I would like to control a dining room 1 way light to a 2 way controlled by an additional switch located in the kitchen, the problem is adding additional wires into the ceiling is messy and costly so I am looking to replicate a 2 way setup with Z-Wave association due to restrictions from the other half all the light switches in the house need to be brushed aluminium traditional style switches so adding smart switches that are white plastic, or Fibaro buttons and such are not an option so I need to achieve this by a Fibaro style modules that are hidden away behind the scenes. I have 2 x FGD-212’s already that I have moved from my previous home to my new home and they work perfectly so I am quite familiar with Fibaro modules.

My new address does have neutral at some of the switches and with a bit of further wiring research with an electrician this week I am confident I can get a FGS-213 controlling the dining room light that is currently only 1 way and then get a FGS-223 with the switch 1 side of the module controlling the kitchen lights and the switch 2 wired up to a new brushed traditional style light switch, that I want to act as a wireless 2 way switch to control the dining room light

What I need to do then is achieve the association between the 2 Fibaro modules to allow the FGS223 to tell the FGS-213 that the switch has been pressed and turn the light on or off (this is not something I have done before), I believe this can be done through the Home Centre 2, the problem is this is £450 and not required for any other functions I currently use!

I am currently using a Smartthings Hub v2 to control my system, after a bit of reading this may be possible using Z-Wave Tweaker https://github.com/codersaur/SmartThings/tree/master/devices/zwave-tweaker but this only seems to support the Dimmer 2 and not the switches?

Thanks for any help and advice anyone can offer me to help achieve this