FIBARO Single Switch 2 (FGS-213) as a electric socket connection - pairing problem



I’m trying to add a FGS-213 as a electric socket connection to my SH. Electric schema as described in this video: FIBARO Single Switch 2 – electric socket connection

But I’m unable to add the switch to my hub. I use the B button (S is not in use), press it tripple. It makes a clicking sound, even a connected light works (when clicking on the B button) but it doesn’t appear on the App of Smartthings Hub. I put it very close to the hub (on top of it).

Please can someone give me a hint?

p.s. I already added two Ikea trådfri bulb (zigbee). This FGS-213 switch is the first Z-Wave device in my network. I already added the DTH erocm123 : Fibaro Single Switch 2 FGS-213


Don’t know if this will help

I was not having any joy today trying to add an fgs212… there was some suggestions on the net

One was :
Turn the power off
Hold down button B
Turn the power back on - keep button B pressed
Release button B after three seconds
Then readd by quickly pressing button B three times

It reset the fgs212 and joined the network

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Pairing aside… you should NOT use a Fibaro switch / relay for a wall outlet!!

The switches use micro-gap relays and are only rated for 10A which is insufficient, if someone forgets and plugs in a heater / hair dryer you may have a fire on your hands, at the very least, a loud pop!!!


@RobinWinbourne: But Fibario is explaining/supporting this situation on their website. See my opening post which contains a link to their website.

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Actually the link in your OP goes to a youtube video showing the module being fitted on lighting circuit, not a socket outlet.


@RobinWinbourne: Indeed, was the wrong link: Must be: Electric Socket


@SteMac: I tried it but it didn’t help

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Unreal!!! They are crazy making a video like that without a warning!!

I’ve left a comment on the video… will be interesting to see if they reply!!

@JDRoberts… what’s your thoughts on this?

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In regards to inclusion problems, you should be triple clicking the switch attached to S1 (not the b button). With a toggle switch, might need 6 toggles.

Also, @JDRoberts posted something the other day which was new to me (not hard).

A factory reset does not remove details of the hub a device was connected to, needs a general exclusion to clear the device memory.

In the ST app, Go to the hamburger memu, click on ‘hub is online’, click 'z-wave utilities, click general device exclusion. Then on the device, triple click S1.


I may be mistaken, but that looks like a type C receptacle to me, which are common in Poland where fibaro is headquartered. Those are usually used with “euro plug” devices which are 3 A or lower. So I don’t see a problem.

They clearly show the 8 A label on the micro as well as have their disclaimer that work should only be done by a qualified licensed electrician, so I think they’re covered As far as the video goes. :sunglasses:

Anyone who is not a professional electrician and attempting to install it should certainly check the specs for the receptacle and make sure they match the microcontroller.


It works!!

I did two different things:

  • Change the schema to a switch schema and use S1 instead of the B button
  • Use the new app instead of the classic app

and now it works, thanks everyone!

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I might be wrong but I think the outlet in the video is type F… it has a ground pin, 6 o’clock position in the recess and a ground wire is shown being connected during the video.

Type F’s are usually rated up to 16A!!

I agree Fibaro have things covered via the ‘‘use an electrician’ disclaimer in the video, but it’s still rather careless of them to show this!!

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Great stuff!!

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Ouch!!! Nothing else will work now lol