Z-Wave 2 way switch installation (UK)

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Hi guys

Can anyone please recommend which smart in line switch I should be using for a 2 way light switch? I have 2 switches that control a single light in the hallway and I want to install z-wave switch on one of the switches to control with ST.

Which switch should I go for? I am a bit confused with the Fibaro options. I can see 4 products but unsure which one is the correct one.

Fibaro FGS-213 1 x 2.5 kW Single Switch 2, Black
Fibaro FGS-223 2 x 1.5 kW Double Switch 2, Black
Fibaro FGS-212 Z-Wave Relay Switch
Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay Switch

Please help?

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1st gen
Fibaro FGS-212 Z-Wave Relay Switch
Fibaro FGS-222 Dual Relay Switch
2sd gen
Fibaro FGS-213 1 x 2.5 kW Single Switch 2, Black
Fibaro FGS-223 2 x 1.5 kW Double Switch 2, Black

The second generation have the consumation but it need to switch a 110/230 V device (light/washer/TV …)
The first gen have not the consumtion but can switch 6V/12V/24V or other volt

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If using a GE switch you would use the 14294 and the Add-on 12723. The Add-on switch is not “smart”. It communicates back to the smart switch over the existing traveler wires.

For clarification, the switch configuration you have is called a “3 Way switch” even though it only has two switches. That may help your searching and confusion.


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Thanks guys.

I am in the UK and GE dont sell switches here yet. I only have Fibaro as an option or AEON. For now, I just want to know which of the Fibaro switches I need to purchase to get. I dont think I need an add on switch. I just need to install 1 smart switch into one of the wall switches. I am retaining the front clicker switch on both the switches.

Hope that makes sense.


The terminology can definitely get confusing, particularly in an international forum. It’s called a three-way in the US, but it’s called a “two way” setup in the U.K. (and in addition the GE switches are not available there).


I believe that’s why the OP is asking about inwall micro configurations. :sunglasses:

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The Module will need to go behind the switch that has the live and the return to the light fitting. The Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD-212) is the best choice. If you have a neutral behind that switch then you could use the Fibaro Single Switch (FGS-213).

It is also possible to put the module up at the ceiling rose, although usually more hassle.


You’ve gotten a lot of good advice so far. @RobinWinbourne has done his whole house with Fibaro kit and might have some additional comments. :sunglasses:

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Thank you Robin. This is most useful for the wiring.

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Thank you for your response. You say that the FDG 212 is the best choice. Is that the best choice for all situations even if I am not using a dimmable bulb? You say that I “could” use FGS 213 if I have a neutral wire, can you please explain why one is better than the other?

I do have neutral in there. Should I use FGD 212 or FGS 213?

Sorry for being pedantic, I am new to all of this. I want to ensure I get the right device for me needs.

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Don’t use the switch modules, only use the Dimmer 2.

I’ve always found the switches MUCH less reliable, they cost the same as the dimmers, the dimmers work with or without a neutral and the dimmers can be put in on/off mode for non-dimmable loads anyway.

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Robin, thats precisely the correct advice.

One last question before I push the buy button on a few of these puppies… can these dimmers be used in a 2 way configuration as well?

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They can be set up using 1 or 2 way latching switches like @RobinWinbourne example or they can work with retractive switches and again be 1 way or 2 way.

Edit: The 2 way configuration is not decided at the switch it’s done by how you have wired it.

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thank you all, you all are awesome

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The reason I mention the switch is because the dimmer 2 can have issues with low wattage bulbs such as LEDs, forcing you to use the bypass resistor at extra cost. I have both switches and dimmers 2s in my setup and can’t say i have seen any difference in the reliabiliy.


Do you need a 2-way switch ? I had a similar issue with some 2 way switches and a 3 way switch but the solution I went for is just to install Aqara one way switches in 1 place and the 2nd location is just a wifi switch that controls the same lights via ST (currently have a DH issue with this - I can turn the light on but not off - only been using it for a day or so will try to diagnose this issue when I get time)

1 way switch like this:

Remote 2nd (or 3rd etc switch f you want them) like this

Just a thought.

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@jhalliday45 Funnily, I just discovered the Aqara switches on ebay last night. I am going to buy a couple of them. They are only £15 a pop. Are you in the UK? Are the Bangood ones 836 mhz?


yes UK, yes mine are from Banggood and they work directly with t he ST hub I have which I assume is UK model , as mentioned I have an issue on the wifi switch at present - am using a non wifi DH it turns on but won’t turn off the light , need to look at the code sometime


re ebay check which ones you are getting - the wifi ones are just a simple switch and are half the price of the wired light switch ones

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Yes, I did check and here is the one I am getting

The simple stick on switch is cheaper