ST compatible Single Switch Device (UK) (Comments on Fibaro 213 or alternatives?)

Hi all

I am currently expanding my automation, having recently acquired my SmartThings v2 UK hub.
I am working on automating lighting based on motion and presence.

I am looking for a ST compatible single switch device that can be installed in a deep back-box 47mm. Neutral is accessible.
I am not worried about Dimming as our LEDs aren’t dimmable.

I see Fibaro have recently released their Gen 5 version’s of Single/Dual switches.
Is FGS-213 a good solution or should I stick with FGS-212?

Who has got this working with ST and who can advise on the best solutions please?

Zwave plus (gen 5) is better than zwave classic (gen three or four) in multiple ways.

It allows for a smaller device.

It has much better range

It handles pairing in place, which is especially helpful for the in wall devices like these relays.

There are some other technical improvements, but those are the ones where you as the customer would see an immediate advantage.

So I select zwave plus for everything I can unless there’s a very specific reason why a particular older model would match a specific use case.

As far as the specific device goes, the single switch 2 allows for the use of bigger wires at the connection points, which can be helpful in retrofit situations.
But I haven’t seen any specific reviews of that particular device yet.

@John_Crighton may have heard more.

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I hadn’t heard of the 213 until now, so I need to take a look.

Looks like this is a good thread to look at: New Fibaro switches FGS-213/223

If it were me, I’d certainly get the newer version. It won’t take long for the community to develop a decent device handler.

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Thanks guys for your responses. Looks like I will go with the latest :wink:

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One note: The newer one does not have dry contacts.

  • No dry contacts - this is important. It means that the new FGS-213 cannot be used to control low voltage systems such as garden lights and irrigation, or where you want a pure volt-free switch such as alarm panels and garage door controls.
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So I installed an FGS-213 tonight.
Paired easily and showed up as a "Z-Wave Device Multichannel"
Tested on/off from the app, all worked as expected. Relay has a louder ‘click’ than other devices.
On/off from the physical wall switch (toggle) also works as expected.

Turning the lights on/off from the physical switch does not seem to synchronize with the app. If the lights switched off, the app will still say they are on.
Also, if the lights have been off for a while the app seems to spontaneously flip to showing them as on, even when they are not.

So looks like some kind of device handler is needed. The double switch works well, maybe an edit of that one?


I suggest you change the Device Handler to a Fibaro FGS-223 Dual Relay found here
You will also need the erocm123 : Virtual / Physical Switch Sync smartapp.
It works for me…

Excellent Nigel, thanks very much. I’ll try that when I get home tonight.

Awhile ago, but curious how it worked out! Happy with the switch? Is the 213 worth buying? Status reporting if the switch is crucial to me, but the 213 is smaller than any aeon.

Thanks Robin

I have just installed your device driver to test.
Any issues I will report back.
BTW I cant see your code when trying to Update from repo…

Do these new fibaro switches have dimming capabilities?

I’m dying to find a module that has two channels and dimming, I cannot fit two modules into a switch box with 4 cables!

Well i’ve taken the leap on 15 of these in total, 11 dimmers, 3 singles and a double.

I opted for a few relays as i have a dimmer one here that i’m testing and it warm under no load, so wanted to limit them as much as possible.

This still doesn’t help with using two in a single switch box, i’ve bought some 47mm boxes and i’m going to see if i can create a cavity in the wall outside of the box (all without making any cosmetic damage!) This was supposed to be a retrofit after all.

Well if i’m going to do the house i may as well get it done, got a great price of 40 for each due to the bulk, got some multi sensors 6 etc also :slight_smile:

Yea i did buy from them, though my saturday delivery hasn’t turned up yet and i have 6 switches off the wall! Managed to make a cavity though in 2 of the 2gangs so hopefully two modules will fit!

Offtopic but i do’t suppose you know what courier they use? my RM postman has already been today so i’m hoping its DPD or somebody else