Your experiences with IoT bugs and IoT developing challenges?

We are conducting the first study to characterize bugs and developers’ challenges in IoT from a software engineering perspective. If you have any experience developing IoT systems, please participate in this survey:

Anonymous link to the 6-minutes survey:
Also, there’s a chance to win a 25 CA$ gift card.

For this study, we have mined open-source IoT repositories and categorized bug reports, analyzed StackOverflow posts, and conducted interviews with experts in IoT systems. After these steps, we need to show up our results to IoT developers and gather their feedback and look for anything that we might have missed. This study is aimed to be published at best software engineering conferences, so your contribution and time would be valuable.
I appreciate your time! Feel free to reply to this post with any questions or concerns about this study.
Thanks for your time and consideration!