[SURVEY] IoT sturtup needs your feedback on smart devices usage

(Kate) #1

Hi all!

My name is Kate. I am a software developer and founder of Mindis.
We dream to develop a product that would bring new ideas to home automation, but at the moment we need you guys very much to share experience with smart devices.

If you are a smart home user, i.e. have at least one IoT device at home, and don’t mind spending up to 15 minutes to leave your feedback you will help a lot!
Please kindly complete the following survey:

To make this topic useful for the community I will post some statistics here shortly after.

Thank you really much!

(Devesh Batra) #2

Anyone get the same message as pm in your inbox as well ? Is this legit ?

(Mark) #3

I didn’t.

But after reading the OP I looked at their website. Absolutely no information about what their product is.

So I ignored the survey.

(ActionTiles.com co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #4

Russian hackers :wink:

(Kate) #5

To anyone who is concerned about Russian hackers:)
I am representing a software startup at an early stage, which is why the product is not ready. We are working at a functional prototype that implements our vision of the real product. The website reflects this vision.
We are conducting a research to find a way in which the product can be helpful to you, smart home users, thats why this post was created.
I send personal messages to several active forum users besides creating this post.